Raising Funds for Tumut Hospital

We aim to raise $40,000 to purchase an Endoscopy Telepack for Tumut Hospital. This will allow certain specialized procedures to be done in Tumut Hospital that currently are done only in larger hospitals such as in Canberra and Wagga Wagga.

This equipment, when available in Tumut will:

  • Bring Urologists, Gynaecologists, Gasteroenterologists and other specialists to Tumut to conduct their procedures,
  • Have the potential to reduce waiting times from 18 months down to 3 months and sooner in urgent cases,
  • Save the elderly having to travel to other hospitals and encourage those that are not as mobile to actually have the medical procedures done that their respective doctors ask for, as opposed to ignoring the request due to their inability to travel long distances.
  • Avoid people having to find overnight accommodation near other hospitals, if their day-procedurerequires them to not travel immediatloy after.
  • Reduce the burden on other major hospitals as people in Tumut and surrounding areas will have these procedures locally rather than travel to the major hospitals.